When CEO Basile H. returns home from a business trip, nothing can foil the growth of his success. Or so it seems. He is considered for a high-ranking position in Frankfurt, he has a well-to-do wife with whom he lives in a beautiful residence in the woods. Then his lawyer calls him with the announcement that a complaint has been filed against him by a waitress that he took to his hotel room the night before. Basile trusts he will win this time too. But the dice are cast differently than he thinks.




genre: drama

broadcast: 2014

length: 46 minutes

languages: dutch







director Janneke van Heesch

script Rob Arends and Lisa de Rooi

DOP Lennert Hillege NSC

editor Menno Boerema

art director Gerard Loomans

sounddesign Hein Verhoeven

music Paul M van Brugge

line producer Mendy Post

Coproducer VPRO




Hans Dagelet

Marieke Heebink

Carolien Spoor

Willem Voogd





coBO Fund




Netherland Film Festival - selected for competition