Onno — a balding 35-year-old socially awkward young man — finds his father lying dead under the Christmas tree. His mother gives him his father’s car and sheepdog Snow and tells Onno to take care of them. When he loses Snow, Onno is descends into a state of limbo. He aimlessly drives his car through no man’s land until a charming woman asks him for directions. But Onno doesn’t know what to say. When his frustrations hit rock bottom, Onno is finally able to break through his inertia. Finally he’s able to say farewell to his father and start living a life of his own.





genre short

length 21 minutes

languages dutch


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director Lisette Olsthoorn

script Lisette Olsthoorn

DOP Casper Brink

editor Tim Roza

sound design Marco Vermaas

music Robin Berlijn

line producer Chris Stenger






Guido Pollemans

Katelijne Verbeke

Jan Taks

Elsa May Averill

Walter Bart





Netherlands Film Fund
City of Rotterdam



Netherlands Film Festival