When her father goes to fight in the war he gives Karen a baby chicken. By the time the chick has grown into a chicken, father will have returned home from the war.
The chick grows up and Karen names her new best friend Saar. But father still hasn’t come back. The war continues and Karen and her mother spend their days feeling hungry and cold. Mother can’t stand the sight of the animal any longer and jumps onto chicken Saar. She is plucking the chicken when Karen appears, looking for her best friend. Mother realizes what she has done and hides the seemingly lifeless chicken in the cupboard. Through her tears she tries to tell Karen what she has done, when suddenly chicken Saar appears to still be alive. Mother decides to knit a sweater for the now bald chicken and then one day father finally comes back from the war.

time 12' min. genre drama / based on a book original format Viper Film Stream, cinemascope screenplay Burny Bos director Diederik van Rooijen cast Roos Ouwehand Valerie Roelofs Ellik Bargai kip Saar producers Nederlands Film Festival en Family Affair Films  dop Edwin Verstegen
art direction
Lieke Scholman, Theresia Knevel sound design Jan Schermer
costume design Bho Roosterman - Vroegen editing Stanley Kolk special effects Shosho
music Bart Westerlaken casting Kemna Casting, Janusz Gosschalk & Job Castelijn




photography Edwin Verstegen