Jimmy lives with his mom in an apartment complex on the outskirts of Amsterdam. At night he is haunted by an appearance that appears to be trying to make something clear to him. His best friend Henk, a man marked by tragic events, also experiences these strange visits. Only when fate knocks on the door, does it become clear what the messenger meant to pass along. But by then it is already too late for some.

time 12' min. genre drama original format 35 mm/ Cinemascope direction & screenplay Diederik van Rooijen sales
SND Films cast Dylan Boissevain Edo Brunner Milushka Birge
executive producer Sharon Yosef & Willemijn Koert  dop Lennert Hillege art direction Dewi van den Heuvel sound Dirk Copper sound design Jan Schermer costume design
Bho Roosterman - Vroegen editing Sebastiaan van Eijk special effects Shosho, Thaumar Rep music Bart Westerlaken

Award for Best Live Action Short Film, Media Bridge Festival 2006, Chicago


Selected for o.a. International Children’s film festival Chicago 2006 and London Film festival 2006


photography Marc Kniphors