Marc wakes up in a cold and empty space. He is tied to a chair and seems to have been kidnapped by Job. Job and Marc share a history. They and are bound together by a dramatic car accident. This night, perpetrator and victim reconstruct the biggest mistake of their lives.

time 10' min. genre drama / thriller original format 35 mm/ Cinemascope direction & screenplayDiederik van Rooijen sales
SND cast Gijs Scholten van Aschat Fedja van HuĂȘt Priscilla Knetemann executive producer Sharon Yosef  dop Lennert Hillege art direction Marije van der Waard sound design Jan Schermer costume designe Bho Roosterman - Vroegen editing Moek de Groot special effects Shosho, Thaumar Rep music Bart Westerlaken casting Kemna Casting, Janusz Gosschalk


Dutch entry for Academy Awards for Best Short Live Action Film


Selected for various international film festivals, a.o.: Karlovy Vary, Check Republic; Interfilm Berlin, Germany; Fajr, Iran; Kolata, India and Calgary, Canada





photography Marc Kniphorst