Sweet Love is a short musicalfilm where all ‘grown up’ characters are played by children. From the mayor to the bulldozerdriver, from journalists to rich man Ralph; the man who owns all the candy in the city. Journalist robin is the storyteller and takes us back to the history of a small city.

Rose, Ralph’s wife, is sick of Ralph acting like a posh arrogant and selfish man, he isn’t the man anymore who she fell in love with years ago. On a benefit night organised by Ralph where a very big candy necklace will be auctioned for “charity”, Rose decides to run with Saba, an ordinary workman. He shows her old Olle’s barn where he and his friends live on the side of the city. When Ralph finds out, he decides to frame Saba by bribing the mayor. From this point on nothing is certain for Rose and her new friends, can they stay in their barn or will Ralph throw a spanner in the works? Ralph accuses Saba of stealing the necklace and this way wants to take their barn. Journalist Robin and Rose have an idea; take the bribery scandal to the press! They manage to proove Ralph his crime. Rose and Sabe find love and the people get their candy back.


time 25 min

director Albert Jan van Rees script Martijn Hillenius DOP Menno Mans editor Marcel Wijninga sounddesign Jan Schermer music Peter van de Witte



Nederlands Film Festival 2013

International Film Festival Nueva Mirada for Children and Youth 2013

Chicago International Children Film Festival 2013

Burbank 2013

Schlingel Internation Film Festival for children and young audience 2013

Children Film Festival Seattle 2013

Play, Festival International Infantil & Juvenil 2014

IFF Cat Moscow 2014



Burbank, best foreign film

Chicago International Children Film Festival, children jury prize